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Project Description
Command line utility to change/clear the service window on a receive location.

Goal of this tool

In case you don't know BizTalk allows you to create a 'service window' (SW) on 'receive locations' (RL) that means the RL will only be 'active' during that time e.g. 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Unfortunately you can only specify one SW per RL and because you can only create one RL with a particular set of parameters/filters it means you cannot have multiple SW's per RL.

How to execute the tool

This utility takes the following parameters:

Usage: BTSRLSWSet.exe <-l | <receiveLocationName> <-s:<startTime> -e:<endTime> | -d | -q> >
-l : List all RL with service windows
startTime : Service window start time
endTime : Service window end time
-d : Remove service window
-q : Query current service window

Possible usage samples

This tool can be used to set up 'multiple' service windows on a RL. Using some scheduling tool you can run this tool and change the SW. For example, a scheduled task can run "BTSRLSWSet.exe someRL -s:8:00 -e:9:00" at 7:55 AM. Then the RL will be active between 8 and 9. Then another scheduled task can run at 9:05 "BTSRLSWSet.exe someRL -s:10:00 -e:20:00". This basically also means you can have 'exclusion' times inside a SW.
Another use could be to 'disable' receive locations without operational people having to worry that the RL is down due to some error. I have experience where a RL was disabled for environmental reasons (e.g. testing, vendor down) and then some operator that was not aware of the situation came and enabled it again. In my opinion there should be another 'state' for RL to indicate 'down for maintenance' or simply 'paused'.

.Net framework version

This tool is compiled using the .Net 2.0 framework as it supports BizTalk 2006 (and R2 and 2009).

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